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Peninsular, recently undertook a full refub & renovation in a 6 bed town house in Hoylake, Wirral.

Your property can start to depreciate over time if regular maintenance is not carried out. Refurbishing and renovating your property comes with many benefits, it can increase the property value, while in some cases reducing the maintenance costs and keeping utilities down.

The project consisted of replacing all of the windows and installing a porch unit to the front of the property along with a new front door.

Moving inside the property, both the kitchen and bathroom were to be replaced, so both rooms needed preparation before we could install them. Peninsular then proceeded with a full rewire of the property and replacing and upgrading the current spindles and hand rails. A utility room on the ground floor was also created.

The current project is on going,

A utility room is a great addition to any property, it not only hides the clutter from everyday chores, but is a great place to have your appliances running without disturbing the household. Upon completion the refurbishment, the property was then painted and decorated to the client’s specification.

Renovating your property is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, and this means if you choose to sell your property after the refurbishment you could potentially sell it for more than it was originally purchased for.

Peninsular are experts when it comes to refub & renovation, home improvements and other construction work. Get in touch today if you would like to discuss your ideas further.