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If you own or run a business in Wirral or Liverpool, you want your retail space to look fantastic.    

Peninsula Group are experts in retail fit-out services, and we understand the importance of eye-catching retail design and welcoming shop layouts. Our team of shop fitters, electricians, construction experts and interior designers provide complete project management to make your shop stand out from the crowd and attracts customers.    

Most importantly, we are ‘NAPIT Full-Scope accredited’. This means the government approves and recognises that we are qualified to safely carry out complete construction works. With Peninsula Group, your shop-fit out is in safe hands. 

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Retail Fit-Out Services    

Want to deal with just one contractor in Wirral and Liverpool who takes care of every aspect of your shop fit-out?    

Do you want a fit-out company that understands branding, customer experience and interior design, and practical construction elements?  

We’re a full-service construction company that builds new retail space and renovates existing premises. At Peninsula Group, we’re experts in shop design, shop fit-outs, commercial interior design, store safety, and security. We project manage every aspect of shop fits-outs, saving you time searching for additional tradespeople. From electrical, plumbing, plastering and joinery – we do it all. 

Why Is Shop Design Important?   

Everyone enjoys shopping in a beautifully designed, well laid out space. A well designed and constructed shop allows you to raise your profile, showcase your brand to customers, and encourage sales.    

Shop layout is important. We look at the flow of your shop, working with you to learn about your customers and how they interact with meeting areas, entrances, displays and seating.   

Consider functionality when thinking about how you want your shop to look. How will your customers move around, and what do you want them to do? If it’s viewing products, consider airy and spacious sections that encourage customer browsing. We suggest you list the critical shop functions, and we’ll design your retail space to match this.  

Well-designed shop-fit outs should include plenty of storage space, enticing window display options and flexible sections that can be easily adjusted for expanding product lines.  

Fantastic shop design should consider neighbouring retail units, as well as the look and feel of the surrounding area.  

Power, Lighting, Utilities & Regulations – We Get The Basics Right First Time   

The basics need to be spot on for any shop to function well.    

Our team of structural engineers, builders, electricians, plumbers and sub-contractors take care of build and construction, ready for our design team to work its magic. This is called “First Fix” in the construction trade, which means we complete all the building work from the foundations up, build a safe structure, and lay the tricky groundwork ready for our decorating and interior design team to get down to business.  

Understanding building regulations for shop fit-out projects is complex. We’ll work with your local council in Wirral or Liverpool and submit the information they need: Expertly designed building plans that consider the existing structure of your building and surrounding area, all in line with building laws and regulations.  

You don’t need to worry about meeting with building control departments or inspection officers. We do all that for you.  

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