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Home improvements are becoming increasingly popular with particular emphasis on extensions. Since the pandemic, many people are deciding not to move house as a result of increased house prices combined with inflation. This has resulted in a significant rise in home improvements and single-storey extensions as people decide to invest their money into their current homes. We’re constantly changing the way we use our living spaces, particularly with more people working from home than ever.

Building an extension is the top home improvement that homeowners want to spend their money on in 2022 (Rated People, 2022). Whether the purpose of the extension is for a home office, increased kitchen/dining space, garage, or even a garden building, home extensions are the most popular projects with regards to planning application. Making the most of your space is essential when creating an extension, our team at Peninsula Group will look at the various options for a rear extension or side extension to accommodate your requests.

Benefits of a Single Storey Extension

Adding a single-storey extension to your home can bring many benefits. Not only does it add value the extra space can be used for a variety of things.

  • Add Value to your Home: Extensions can really increase the sale price of your home.
  • Extend to Rear or Side: Single-storey extensions can wrap around the side and rear of your home
  • Popular For: Extended Kitchen, Downstairs Bathroom and Wet Room or Home Office
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