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Ensuring that your house is well maintained and that gutter repairs are taken care of regularly will mean that your home looks good and remains structurally sound for many years. Your roof plays an important role in the structural integrity and maintenance of your house and an essential part of your roof are the gutters.

When many people do roof repairs and maintenance they focus on the tiles and fascias, but they forget about the gutters. Gutters need to be properly maintained and regularly cleaned or they will become blocked and the first big rains will cause the water to overflow and damage your wall plate and spars. Prolonged water running down the side of your home can damage your walls, rot your wood, cause interior damp and even damage your foundations.

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Different types of guttering

Properly working gutters are an essential element of any home and there are a number of different types of guttering systems. Gutters can be made from several types of materials including:

UPVC gutters

UPVC gutters are popular because they are easy to install and won’t rust. The sections of the gutter are lightweight and snap together with ease. If you live in a cold climate, however, these gutters won’t last as long as other options and if they are not properly installed and maintained you can get water pooling in places. 

Aluminium gutters

Aluminium gutters are also easy to install, lightweight and won’t rust and they can withstand the cold weather. These gutters, however, need to be handled carefully before and during installation as they are prone to dents and it is essential to buy high-quality gutters made from primary aluminium rather than recycled aluminium. Trying to save a few pennies in the short term could lead to higher costs later on. 

Stainless steel gutters

Stainless steel gutters cost more than UPVC and aluminium, but they are still affordable. They are sturdy and won’t rust. Copper and cast iron guttering are typically found on older homes and are used to preserve the period style of your property. These gutters usually need to be installed by a commercial guttering service

Warning signs of blocked or damaged gutters

  • Water pooling near your foundations, up against the side of your home and on your driveway
  • Water in your basement
  • Dripping gutters
  • No water running in the downspout when it is raining
  • Interior damp, peeling wallpaper or paint 
  • Mould on the exterior walls

Keep your gutters clean in Liverpool and Wirral

Liverpool and Wirral Gutter Repairs and Cleaning

Leaves, plants, nests, and debris can easily block your gutters and regular gutter cleaning is essential to remove this dirt before it becomes a problem. Blocked gutters allow water to overflow and run down the side of your residential or commercial property. This will eventually lead to water stains on the side of your home and any wood will ultimately warp and rot.

Water will also collect on your roof, damaging the roof and leading to expensive repair work. Blocked gutters also become extremely heavy and this can cause them to break or detach from the side of your home, resulting in costly repairs to your gutters, woodwork, and walls.

Gutters and downspouts can be cleaned by a professional cleaning service with a high-pressure wash and gutter guards can be installed to prevent future problems. Gutters should ideally be cleaned twice a year, once in late spring and then again at the end of summer. By using a cleaning service team to keep your gutters clean and well maintained you can potentially save yourself a lot of money in the long run. 

Gutter repairs are essential

Cracked and leaking gutters can cause extensive damage to your property, causing damp on your exterior walls and enabling water to seep through your brickwork and make damp and discoloured patches on your interior walls but that could be the least of your worries. Good gutters that do the job that they are designed for not only keep the water off your walls, they also direct the water away from your foundations.

If gutters are broken and overflowing the water will drip down the side of your home and eventually find its way into your basement or lower levels. The resulting damp can lead to mould and indoor rot, but the water may also chip away at the foundations and this can mean costly structural repairs. If your gutters aren’t draining properly water can also gather on your driveway or path freeze into dangerous slippery ice in the winter.

Small regular repairs and gutter cleaning will extend the lifespan of your gutters by several years and can ensure the structural integrity of your property. 

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