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We recently completed a full house renovation on West Kirby Beachfront, which entailed the full works from damp proofing and replastering, to extending the kitchen and installing brand new windows and doors throughout the property.

Client’s Aim

The owner wanted to completely transform their home, changing the interior building design and interior into something that felt more spacious and modern. The house spanned over two stories, which meant that we had plenty of space to work on.

As well as improving the space of the property internally, the client wanted to make use of the stunning scenery by having a front facing balcony that looked out onto the beach.

We met with the client on numerous occasions to work with them through every detail to make sure that the vision for their home was brought to life.

Issues we Faced

First and foremost, we faced issues with the building of floor barriers at the front of the property which made it difficult with planning permission for the front facing balcony on the property.

Another issue we faced was that the property was facing issues with damp coming from the cellar, which needed addressing to prevent any future structural issues with the property.

Work we Completed on the Property

We initially assessed the structural issues with the property, before any building construction to ensure that it was safe to work on and safe for the client to live in once we had completed our work.

Damp Control

Damp Proofing on West Kirby Breachfront

We addressed the damp issues in the cellar of the property by installing damp proof tanking, which are designed to protect the floors of the ground floor from being affected by water residue.

Roof Tiling

Roof Tiling on West Kirby Beachfront

The roof of the property required rework, as it was not secure and it was obvious that it had previously been worked on to repair. We completely retiled the roof of the property to ensure that it was safe and secure.

Building and Construction Work

After completing structural work on the property, we started our building work on the construction of the property. This involved adding to the size of the property, electrical work and interior decorating.

Electrical Rewiring

With the plans to create a kitchen extension, as well the new outside front facing balcony, the property required electrical rewiring to allow for additional lighting and plug sockets.

Our team of electrical engineers added new wiring to the existing electrical circuit to allow for new applications to be added, both internally and externally.

Plumbing and Heating

To ensure that the whole of the property is insulated efficiently, and all new bathroom and kitchen fittings were supplied with consistent hot water, we completed all new plumbing and heating work including a brand new boiler system.

Plastering and Paint Work

Due to the damp issues with the property previously, the plastering on the walls were damaged and cracking.

We replastered and painted each of the walls inside the property to ensure that the walls were safe to live in and we can proceed to add a fresh layer of paint that gives it a fresh, sleek finish.

Front Facing Balcony Extension

Balcony on West Kirby Beachfront

The client wanted a balcony that they could enjoy looking over the view of West Kirby beachfront and appreciate the view.

We built a balcony on the ground floor of the property with wooden panel flooring, metal balcony railings and sliding patio doors.

Kitchen Extension and Fitting

Kitchen Extensions on West Kirby Beachfront

The client expressed to us that he wanted to improve the kitchen space within the property, as it was small and wanted an area that they could enjoy cooking in and invite guests around to enjoy the space with them.

We built and fitted a kitchen extension to the property, which we interiorly decorated. We fitted in new kitchen tops and sink, sky lights, breakfast bar and built-in oven and fridge freezer.

Bifold Doors in West Kirby Beachfront

We also installed brand new aluminium bifold doors that opened the space up into the back of the property and the garden.

Door and Window Installation

Throughout the property, we installed new doors and windows. This included a huge front facing window in the living room on the first storey of the property that looked over the beach front.

Window in Front Bedroom on West Kirby Beachfront

We also installed brand new windows in the bedrooms on the third storey so that you can see the view from wherever you are in the property.

End Result

The client was extremely satisfied with our complete renovation of their property and couldn’t believe the difference we made to their home.

Customer satisfaction is why we do what we do at Peninsula Group, so we delighted with the final result and our client was left with a home they can enjoy for many years.

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