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Fully functional plumbing & heating are a necessity for any household or occupied building. Without safe, accurately installed pipes, water leaks, blockages or days without any hot water at all are possible; something nobody wants to have to deal with.

With this in mind, it’s important for the initial installation and ongoing maintenance of plumbing and heating systems to be of high standard. Afterall, this is one of the key infrastructures helping your home or building run.

From plumbing emergencies and boiler servicing, to the installation of bathrooms, there are many plumbing and heating services available to ensure your water is flowing correctly through your home or building. Here at Peninsula Group, we are plumbing experts, with years of experience behind us, ensuring that both plumbing and heating systems are maintained effectively for our customers. Check out our below services, or feel free to contact our team today with your plumbing emergencies, requests or questions. We offer competitive prices to ensure our customer’s plumbing and heating needs are dealt with, with ease.

Plumbing services

Here at Peninsula Group, our team of experienced plumbers are on hand to support customers with anything from pipe installation and the re-plumbing of an entire property, to emergencies such as leaks and blockages. These scenarios are just a few of the plumbing services which our team can assist with, with experience across the spectrum.

Some of the most common plumbing services in demand by our customers include bathroom installation and repairs, repair or replacement of general pipework throughout a property, repairs of waste disposal units, the installation of radiators and much more.

Central heating services

Have you ever gone a few days without hot water due to a central heating breakdown? This is a highly frustrating scenario, which can be resolved with the right qualified help. Our Peninsula Group engineers are on hand to resolve and repair your boiler to ensure hot water and an effective heating system is present.

We aim to resolve any heating issues efficiently, to ensure that the route of the matter has been dealt with for you, by minimising any further breakdowns in the near future. However, sometimes, these situations cannot be helped. We’ve seen anything from frozen to burst pipes in our customer’s homes. This potential outcome can however be minimised through regular boiler services yet can still happen to the best of us sometimes.


Why high standard plumbing & heating services are important

Imagine moving into a new property to discover that there’s underlying issues with the plumbing structure. Now imagine the expense linked to re-plumbing the entire property. Although this will be an initial investment, by seeking high standard, reliable plumbing and heating services, long-term, savings will be probable. Once initial instillation has been completed, if done correctly, minimum ongoing maintenance will be required to reduce any possible breakdowns.

However, by avoiding the initial investment, and selecting a general service where corners may be cut, continuous expenditure may be required to maintain a fully functioning plumbing and heating system.

No matter your situation, here at Peninsula Group, we will have a reliable, cost-effective plumbing and heating service in place, supporting you long-term.

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