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Whether you’ve purchased a new property to call home, a commercial property to class as your workplace or run an industrial building, the need for electrical services required.

The biggest requirement, no matter the building, is to ensure that accurate, safe, electrical installation is completed. This can be achieved by sourcing a qualified electrician who follows all health and safety, installation and quality standards.

Whether you require the installation of data networks, security devices, fuse boards or a complete re-wire, it is important that both safety standards, and the design and installation guides are followed. Here at Peninsula Group, our NAPIT certification, our NICEIC approved contractors and years of experience in the electrical industry can assure that safe, quality electrical systems are fitted and maintained. Get in touch with our fully qualified team, whether you have an electrical emergency or a pre-arranged project.

Why the safety of electrical systems is important?

Although common sense, electrical services can be costly, where many individuals attempt to cut corners. However, by doing so, standards and safety will be reduced by employing an under-qualified electrician or attempting DIY electrical work yourself. By following this method, great risk will be present related to safety. This route will not be worth the potential electrical dangers possible.

Having a safe environment is essential. Therefore, no matter how much it costs, it’s important that you invest into your electrical systems. Additionally, as every premises are different, the inside knowledge and compliance of a trading, certified electrician will ensure that your electrical requirements can be met, along with following current policies and standards. This will safeguard you while providing peace of mind that your property is secure for its purposes.

Here at Peninsula Group, we ensure that our prices are transparent while offering great value for money for our customers. We understand how important this investment is for you, therefore, we ensure that our electrical services can be obtained by the majority. Alongside our costs, we further make sure that all services carried out are accurate and follow current electrical practices and policies. See our electrical services below…

Commercial electrical services

While situated within a commercial property, it is mandatory to ensure that electrical systems are safe to pass and approve health and safety measures. If you are a landlord, the owner of a property or carry responsibility over the premises, it is highly important to continuously consider the standards of electrical systems, along with initial installation and ongoing maintenance.

For example, if you run an office, it is your duty of care to ensure that electrical items are pat tested following current policies, along with arranging the repair of any damaged electrical systems.

With this in mind, it is important that you have a reliable, fully qualified electrician on hand to support your ongoing electrical needs. Here at Peninsula Group, we can offer consistent services, ensuring that both emergency and pre-arranged electrical projects are dealt with effectively yet efficiently.

Industrial electrical services

Electrical systems within an industrial building are highly important. Imagine the amount of electricity required to consistently run a factory. With this in mind, it is important that industrial specialised electricians are employed to install and maintain electrical circuits.

From emergency lights and security systems to fuse boxes and parking-access controls, there are many electrical requirements within an industrial premises.

Here at Peninsula Group, we can install, maintain and complete ongoing repairs and periodic tests on a wide variety of electrical systems. Our team are highly qualified electricians to ensure the smooth running of electricity can be maintained consistently, ensuring little disruption within your premises.

If you require ongoing electrical support or have any form of electrical emergency, feel free to contact our certified and experience electricians. Attempting to resolve any electrical damages alone will not be recommended. For health and safety purposes, please only employ certified, fully qualified electricians.


Domestic electrical services

If you’ve purchase or currently have your own domestic property, electricity will be a daily necessity for you. With this in mind, it is important that your appliances and infrastructures are properly installed, maintained and repaired following quality checks and safety standards.

Without taking your electrical systems seriously and allowing for a non-qualified electrician to complete the work, great risk is present, regarding all occupant’s health and safety.

Whether you’re looking for a new installation to your electrical circuit, a re-wire or general maintenance, we can cater to your needs through our high level of electrical services. Common domestic electrical projects include the installation of manual security systems, underfloor heating, power sockets in the garden and under cabinet lighting.

Contact our Peninsula Group team to discuss your domestic electrical requirements, to receive a transparent quote, or to receive support in an emergency situation.

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